Thursday, November 21, 2013

Success Story of Kiki Gumelar the "Chocodot" Owner

Starting from a small business with a capital of Rp16 million , Kiki Gumelar started his business in the city which is famous for dodol , Garut . Business also inseparable from innovation to make lunkhead . Now , Kiki also has felt the fruits of his hard work . Business now has turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars . He was known as a pioneer in innovation "Chocodot" aka chocolate lunkhead content . Kiki said , he started his business in early 2009 .
" That will and sincere intentions and hard work is the key in the business world . Imagine , at that time I was only with the 16 million dollars that I borrowed through a loan at one bank . I am very optimistic that Garut has great potential in business . So , I am willing to get out of the office where I work . I am sure that this is where I would hang my life , namely business ' Chocodot ' , " said Kiki .
What they have learned today, said Kiki , was not free from a variety of obstacles and hurdles . The result , in addition to growing the business , Kiki also received an award from the Ministry of Industry " SME Food Award 2010 " . More recently , he also managed to get an award at the event " Niche Product International Competition at Tutto Food Milan Italy" .
" I feel what I do not maximized because still have to learn and continue to be creative , " he said .
Although it has hundreds cokeat with a unique aroma and flavor produced by Kiki , he was not satisfied to explore the potential that exists in Garut . Garut city at some point mounted billboards and banners with Kiki face that reads " Stop Plagiarism " .
" In the business world there is a competition of course . However , we must address the competition as a motivation for us to continue to work hard and be creative . Billboard in me just remind people , especially Garut and young business people in the Garut so just be yourself , not plagiarism . reason, the key to success of a business or business is we have to be yourself because being yourself is the key to creativity and appreciate the work of others , " he said

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